Thursday, March 19, 2009

LOST Namaste, first thoughts

As always *SPOILERS* if you aren't caught up!!!!

I am getting the feeling that after this season of LOST, rewatching the previous seasons will be more rewarding then ever.  Now that Benry as a little boy has met Sayid the prisoner, don’t you think that will affect how you see the scenes where Sayid meets Benry the prisoner?  Not to mention that he has lived with Sawyer, Jin, and Juliet for a little while.  It definitely makes his later interest in Juliet even more interesting.  It now becomes possible that the “she” Juliet reminds Benry of, is in fact herself (from the episode The Other Woman).  I still think that the therapist was talking about Annie (the little girl from the episode The Man Behind the Curtain), but now that Benry knew Juliet when he was younger, it certainly bears thinking about.  Like I said, rewatching the new episodes after this season is going to be very, very rewarding.  I can’t wait to do it.  (Plus it will help make the months in between this season and the next more bearable.)

Speaking of past seasons, remember back in the beginning of Season 3 when Sawyer, Kate, and Dr. Jack were being held prisoner by the Others.  Dr. Jack was supposed to treat Benry Gale’s cancer, but in the mean time, Benry had Sawyer and Kate working on a runway.  A runway that would only have one plane land on it so far, and that plane would have as a passenger Benry Gale himself.  There is no way that that is a coincidence.  Somehow Benry knew that he would need that runway to save his life some 3 years after he had it built.  How much does this man know about what is going on?  Might I suggest everything?

I remind long time readers of my “Author of Their Own Situation Theory” which I will go over again since we have some new readers as well.  Last season LOST went out of it’s way to have us notice two books, VALIS by Phillip K Dick and Slaughterhouse Five by Kurt Vonnegut.  In each of those books, there is a character that represents the author (in VALIS it is Horselover Fat which with Latin loosely translates as Phillip Dick and in Slaughterhouse Five it is Kilgore Trout which is Vonnegut’s alternate reality version of himself who appears in many of his books).  LOST also claims to take as inspiration the fantastic series by Stephen King, The Dark Tower.  In The Dark Tower series, King is not only the author, but also an important character.  Interestingly enough, CS Lewis also was working on a book called The Dark Tower (although he never finished it) and in it he put himself as a character.  CS Lewis is, of course, an important author in the series as Charlotte Staples Lewis (may she rest in peace) is clearly named after author Clive Staples Lewis.  So, all of these instances of an author playing a critical role in the books and or series that they write makes me believe that a character (and possibly more then one, I’m looking at you Widmore) is the author of our LOSTies situation as well, primarily Benry Gale.  If he is the author of the situation it would help explain how he always seems to be right where he needs to be, or as it was said of him in the episode The Other Woman, he is always right where he wants to be.

So, Ethan Rom (one of the first LOST anagrams, Other Man) is the baby that Juliet delivered, who would one day grow up to be a doctor working on solving why babies can no longer be born on the Island.  I’m not sure if it is anything more then just interesting, but it certainly is that.

Dr. Jack has always resented being a leader, but every time that some one else has stepped up to take the role (primarily John Locke, but a couple of times prior to this one Sawyer as well) Dr. Jack has not handled it gracefully.  While he seems to be handing the leadership role to Sawyer right now with minimum fuss, my feeling is that despite his whole “I’m not a leader attitude, why do you want me to lead?” Dr. Jack will be mounting a power play to resume his old role from Sawyer.  I don’t think that Sawyer will be too willing to give it up though.

Speaking of Sawyer and Dr. Jack, what do you think about the newly woven relationship tangle?  We’ve always had the Sawyer-Kate-Dr. Jack triangle, although at times it has changed focus slightly to be a Kate-Dr. Jack-Ana Lucia triangle or most recently a Kate-Dr. Jack-Juliet triangle.  We almost had a Sawyer-Kate-Dr. Jack-Ana Lucia triangle (rectangle, ooh, how about Rhombus?) once, but Michael effectively stopped that before it happened.  So the four person relationship tangle is new (Sawyer-Kate-Dr. Jack-Juliet) and I’m okay with it as long as it doesn’t take away too much attention from the overall plot.  

We also found out that Faraday is gone from 1977.  Where did he go?  When did he leave the rest of them?  How did he leave?  And most importantly, why is he no longer with Sawyer, Juliet, Jin, and Miles?  (I couldn’t think of a what one or I would have added it to.)

Meanwhile in the “present”  Frank and Sun are told by Christian that their friends are in the past and that they have “quite a journey ahead” of them.  Does this mean that there is someway on Island for Sun and Frank to travel backwards to the seventies?  One would have thought the Orchid, but remember Benry blew that puppy up in last season’s season finale.  OOH!  What if Faraday found out how to travel on Island and is somehow back in the present!  (Not only is it an interesting idea, but it also gave me my “what” Faraday question, victory is mine.)

On a lighter note, I love that Sawyer made Dr. Jack a “Workman”, cracked me up.  I also wonder what Kate and Hurley’s jobs are.  Also, at the beginning when Sawyer hugged Kate, I am so glad that he didn’t call her Freckles, because if he had I seriously would have cried.  I was already tearing up.  And I want to save my big LOST cry for when Sun and Jin finally reunite.

Until Next Time, here’s another interesting thought/theory I came up with while watching this episode, what if the Whispers are echoes through time of themselves and those that they are close to?  What if the connections that the LOSTies have to each other is causing their voices to almost be audible to themselves and their friends 30 years after they spoke?  Something to think about anyway.

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