Friday, March 13, 2009

BSG Finale Watch begins

Tonight is part one of the two part finale of television's greatest show ever, Battlestar Galactica, and I have to admit, I am not ready for it to be over.

In fact, I'm in a bit of denial that there are only two hours left (less when you take out the commercials, damn you advertisers!) of the greatest show ever.

Thankfully, despite there only being two hours left, another two hours will be coming soon in the form of The Plan a direct to DVD movie that will fill in some of the pre-destruction activities of the Cylons on the Colonies.

But starting tonight, we begin to get answers.  Especially to three major questions, what exactly is the significance of Hera, what is up with the "Angels" (as Baltar started putting it in last weeks episode) that are in Baltar and Caprica's heads, and what is up with the death/resurrection of Starbuck?

Those are the three biggest questions that I have remaining, and those are the ones that the show itself has been building towards for the finale.

The only other thing I wonder is if the show will end setting up everything to happen again (because as we are all aware by now, "All of this has happened before, and all of it will happen again") or if somehow through Hera they are able to break away from the circular time line they are in and start something completely new.
Also, I figure that the 7th Cylon will play some role in explaining both the "Angels" of Baltar and Caprica and Starbuck's rebirth.  Especially since two weeks ago when Starbuck saw an "Angel" in the form of her father.  I wonder if Starbuck's father was the 7th Cylon and if he is also Baltar's father, meaning that somehow Starbuck and Baltar are both (like Hera) half Cylon/half human.  (Although that would make a first season liaison between Starbuck and Baltar pretty frakking disturbing.)

While part of me desperately wants to know the answers to all of these questions, a larger part of me would be very content waiting another four or five seasons to see what occurs as long as I kept getting my 20+ episodes of BSG every season in the meantime.

Until Next Time, let's enjoy television's greatest show in the short time we have left with it... SO SAY WE ALL.

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