Friday, September 21, 2007

Pilot Reviews K-Ville and Back to You

So, I've decided to try and see every one of the pilots for the new fall season on the network channels, excluding of course reality tv as I am opposed to it.  So far, K-Ville and Back to You have premiered, so here are my comments and grades.


Overall, I was very disappointed with the pilot for K-Ville.  It's seems like it is just going to be a stereotypical cop show, kind of like Miami Vice only set in New Orleans.  That would be fine, except for the fact that they promoted it (and titled it) as though it would be something with a little more substance.  There are moments when the city and it's situation plays a role in the show, but mostly it doesn't seem that important.  Despite the fact that the hurricane ravaged city and the rebuilding project play a role in the plot of the first episode it still has the feel of a predictable, cheesy cop show plot.  They need to focus on the moments that seemed real, and try to be more original instead of a car chase, shoot em up, oriented cop show.  I haven't given up completely on this show, but truth be told, I probably wouldn't be too worried if I didn't catch another episode.

Interesting fact, one of the supporting characters is played by the actress who played Simone last season in Heroes.

Pilot Grade 66%


For some reason, the traditional sitcom just doesn't seem to appeal to me as much anymore.  I much more prefer the one camera, studio eschewing, no laugh track sitcom that has recently taken over (Arrested Development, Scrubs, The Office, My Name is Earl).  Overall they don't seem as real, and as everyone knows, comedy comes from real situations.  However if the traditional sitcom is going to make a comeback, it might as well be powered by Kelsey Grammer (from Cheers and Fraiser fame) and Patricia Heaton (the wife on Everyone Loves Raymond).  The two sitcom stars have obvious chemistry, and are both extremely talented in this arena.  The pilot had its funny moments, but was very predictable.  I wanted to see more of the supporting cast who seem to have a lot of promise, but the pilot mainly focuses on introducing us to the two leads.  Overall, I'd say that the show has a chance to find it's groove and become a pretty funny half hour of television.

Interesting fact, this show is from the same people who created Fraiser, arguably the last good traditional sitcom on network television.

Pilot Grade 78%

Until Next Time, I'm downloading Bionic Woman, Chuck, and Journeyman from Amazon Unbox, and will be giving my thoughts and grades on each of those soon.

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