Monday, September 24, 2007

Heroes Season 2, first thoughts

Well, I'm really not sure that this show can sustain the success that it had last season.  It ended pretty poorly, so I'm hoping that the writers can recreate the magic.  New mysteries were introduced in the premiere, and it kept my interest (I don't get NBC very good, so I figured I would just wait and watch it later on-line, but I stuck through the bad reception, and I really didn't think I would, even through the annoying car commercials played over and over every commercial break.)  I was disapointed that there was no Nikki, Micah, D.L. moment in the episode, however I loved the introduction of Hiro's hero, the samurai of the past played by none other than David Anders who was the deliciously evil Sark on Alias.  Anyway, here's hoping that the show can regain the momentum it somehow lost at the very end of last season, it was at the very least a good start.

Until Next Time, stay tuned for some new premiere reviews!

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