Sunday, April 8, 2007


Just saw Zodiac and it is amazing. It's very rare for a film that came out in March to be this good. Unfortunately, I don't think many people went and saw this film, I had to go to Angelika to see it, but I'm so glad that I did. For a movie about a serial killer case that has officially never been closed, there is still closure for the film and the film remains truthful to the material on which it is based. But this film is about so much more than a serial killer, it is about obsession and what that obsession can do to a life. The effect this case had on so many people is what makes this film so fascinating to watch.

Apparently, Fincher had a tough time finishing the film (otherwise it might have been released late last year putting it in award contention and in what would have been number 3 on my top ten although it's currently number 1 for 2007 so far) and ultimately cut thirty minutes off of the film to get it to the 2:35 mark. I wish he had just made it a 3 hour movie, because as it was it didn't feel long at all. I personally can't wait for the DVD, to see the deleted scenes.

Hopefully the March release date won't hurt this film when it comes back to awards season, because this is a film incredibly worthy of winning some.

Fincher's previous films include Seven, Fight Club, and Panic Room.

Until Next Time, Do yourself a favor go out and see this one while you still can.

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