Tuesday, April 17, 2007

LOST One of Us, first thoughts

We found out last week that no babies could be born on the island, but Benry Gale has said before that he has been on the island his whole life; how is that possible if no one can be born on the island?

Entertainment Weekly has an article on LOST in the current issue, and it talks about the Nikki/Paulo debacle. Apparently, there was going to be a longer arc concerning the characters, but due to fan backlash against them, they decided to pull the plug on them.

That's just annoying.  If you had something good set up with them, use it and make us change our minds. Don't just give in because everyone is complaining about them online.

Until Next Time, This has been an uneven season so far. A majority of the episodes have been better then anything last season, some have been better then even season one, but a couple have been just plan awful. It looks headed to a strong finish though.

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