Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Thoughts on the Summer Movie Schedule 2014 Part Four: August

The fourth and final installment of my thoughts on the Summer Movie Schedule.

I have to be honest, there hasn't been a film that I've been incredibly, can't wait for it, counting down the days excited for up to this point in the summer.  That changes on day one of August



Guardians of the Galaxy

When Marvel announced this would be an upcoming film I thought Marvel was making the first large mistake of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but ever since I have only gotten more and more excited.  It looks like they have knocked this out of the park.  Marvel continues to excel while the DC movie universe continues to do everything it can to make Marvel look better.  This is by far the film I'm most excited for out of the entire summer movie schedule.

Get on Up

A biography film on the life of James Brown, the musical one, not the football one.



Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Honestly, as much as I love the Turtles, I will probably wait to hear some word of mouth before I make a decision to see this or not.  Michael Bay's involvement really turns me off.  I don't know if I can watch another of my childhood loves destroyed by Bay after the travesty that is the Transformers.

Into the Storm

Yeah, I'll probably just rewatch Twister.  Now that was an awesome movie.

The Hundred Foot Journey

An art film from Spielberg and Oprah.  It'll probably score Helen Mirren an Oscar Nom.  Not sure why this is getting a summer opening though.



Let's Be Cops

Be warned, this is the Red Band trailer, so there is some language

What would happen if Nick and Coach from New Girl pretended to be cops?  This movie.  I'm in.



Expendables 3

This was an intriguing idea for one film.  I think they might have expended (see what I did there?) all of the originality in that one film though.  Of course they're still making Rocky movies, so what do I know?

The Giver

Outstanding young adult novels sometimes make amazing movies.  This does star Jeff Bridges, and the Dude is definitely a plus in its favor.



Sin City: A Dame to Kill For

I hated the first one.  No heart, really just relied on a "cool look" as the entire conceit of the film.  This looks like more of the same.  Plus, I'm never a fan of violence simply for the sake of violence.  No thanks.

If I Stay

When the Game Stands Tall

It looks like it might be a pretty good sports movie in the vein of Miracle and Remember the Titans.



The November Man

Pierce Brosnan as a spy returns for one last mission and has to face off against his former pupil.



As Above So Below

A found footage horror film set in the catacombs underneath Paris.  I really wish the "found footage" phenomenon would die.


While the previous horror film just causes me to roll my eyes, this looks a little better.  It might just be a sufficiently creepy way to end August!

Until Next Time, there you have it, the films of the summer.  Hope you find some enjoyable ones to watch!

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