Wednesday, May 19, 2010

LOST What They Died For, first thoughts

The Penultimate episode of LOST.

Sunday will bring us the finale of one of network television's greatest shows appropriately titled, The End.

The question, of course, is what The End will entail.

Last night's episode told us what the series has been about all along.

Jacob has been trying to atone for his mistake of creating the Smoke Monster, for what he did to his brother.

He's known that his brother would at some point succeed in killing him, the same way that Esau ultimately killed their "mother".

So it hasn't been about trying to prove to Esau that humanity is ultimately good (although I still think that Jacob does believe in the good of humanity) but trying to find the person to replace him when his brother ultimately succeeded.

Every person that Jacob has brought to the Island has been someone whose life is lacking. Jacob offered the LOSTies the second chance that he wanted himself.

Ultimately, one of the main themes is that of destiny verse free will. While much of what the LOSTies have been through have felt like it was destined, Jacob has done what he has done to try and better the lives of our LOSTies (as well as trying to make up for his mistake).

While it might have been easier to find someone who was perfectly ready and able to protect the Island, Jacob found damaged people that could be given the choice to protect the Island as well as try and better their situations. "You needed the Island as much as it needed you."

The title of the episode, What They Died For, refers to all of those that have lost their lives on the Island, implying that what is happening on the Island is truly important.

So, what do we make of the Sideways universe? After all, if there is importance in the deaths that our LOSTies have suffered, what does it mean that they are still alive in the other reality?

And is Desmond trying to do anything other than destroy the Island?

The Locke-less Monster plans on using Desmond for that very purpose, but I can't imagine that Desmond can be conned by Locke.

Speaking of cons, Ben is, of course, the best at cons (with the possible exception of Sawyer) and I don't for a moment believe that Ben is falling for Locke's plan.

Ben had reason to hate Widmore, especially coming right after Miles heard from Alex, so Ben shooting Widmore doesn't necessarily mean he is evil again, rather I think that Ben is playing Locke, and still working for our LOSTies.

Ultimately I think that Desmond is after more than just destroying the Island. He might be a fail safe, but he is also able to be more than that. I think that Desmond is setting up the only way to kill the Locke-less Monster and still keep the Island, and it's precious light, safe.

Until Next Time, I will see you Sunday night.

Josh Man


  1. haha. i was just going to write a post explaining how there's as much evidence that ben is still redeemed as there is for him having fallen once again.

  2. My questions/musings:

    1. One thing I'm confused about, but maybe I'm just missing something....what's going to stop smokey/esau from killing Jacob's replacement?

    2. I think somehow Jack is not going to end up being the replacement. It was just too....easy. I wouldn't have been surprised after six seasons if it HAD been Jack, but it was too simple how he just picked up and did it. There's been too much character development in other people to make them viable (and perhaps more believable, even, replacements), and there's been enough character development in Jack that if he is the real replacement, he deserved more hype over it. I'm not sure I like his as the replacement, either. Yay for Jack finally accepting some of this destiny/inevitability/fate/whatever...but boo for Jack still not getting over his hero complex. Then again, maybe that's the point. But if it's not Jack, my money may be on Desmond. In regards to my question #1, maybe Desmond is the one who can't be killed by smokey because of all of his electrowhatsit.

    3. BENRY!!!!!!!!! Can't even handle him. I'm inclined to agree with you....but either way I still hate the guy.