Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thoughts on Some of the New Fall Shows Part 1

Well, I'd love to do in depth reviews of each of the new television shows on the networks like I've done in the past, but the truth is, I'm too dang busy to even attempt such a thing this year.

I'm back in school working towards my Masters degree, as well as working, so I probably won't be as caught up on television shows.

However, as I catch some of the new shows, I'll blog a few thoughts I have about them, you know, for old time's sake.


Now, there have been two more episodes since the premiere that I haven't yet seen, so you probably already know whether or not this is a show that you are going to schedule time for.  Personally, I'm probably going to try and watch it, but I'm not as excited as a lot of people seem to be.  I like the comedy of the show, and I like a lot of the people in the show (especially the greatness that is Jane Lynch), but the super over produced musical numbers completely take me out of the show.  It becomes a glitzy musical, when that isn't really what the theme of the show is, these are kids that are supposed to love music because of the way it makes them feel and the fun they have doing what they love, and the over production makes it seem to glitzy and studio-ized (if such a word exists) making a mockery of the theme of the show.  Still, the music is good, the show is funny, and the acting is stellar, so I can probably over look that.


This show has huge potential, and despite the very formulaic premiere, I plan on sticking with it.  Sometimes pilots are tough to do because you have to set up the premise of the show, introduce the characters, and tell a good story.  The premise was set up and the characters are introduced, but I wasn't blown away by the pilot's story.  Due to the funny premise and characters and the talent involved in the show, I have high hopes where this show is headed even if I was a little underwhelmed by the pilot.

Until Next Time, I will periodically check in on my thoughts on these shows as they progress and some other new shows as well.  How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang Theory return on Monday!

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