Wednesday, June 11, 2008

BSG Sine Qua Non & The Hub

So, it's been two episodes since I last talked about what's happening on the greatest show on television, and I have a few thoughts based on the last two episodes that I would like to share before the mid-season finale airs on Friday.

1. Lee Adama = Barack Obama

Many people throughout the years have talked about the parallels between Laura Roslin and George W. Bush, and I agree with them.  Roslin was never actually elected President by the people, which correlates to the controversy regarding Bush's right to the White House, and Roslin making decisions based on what might be a misguided faith, which again could correlate to W. and his God that is a little Old Testament for my tastes.

Well, with the move bringing Lee to the big chair on Colonial One, there are some definite parallels to Barack Obama, primarily brought out by the conversation that Lee had with Romo Lampkin (of Firefly and a season one episode of X-Files), where Lampkin accuses Lee of relying on HOPE and not having any real solutions.  I thought for a moment that Lampkin might call Apollo a Hopemonger.  Alas, the writers were not that direct, but then that's why we love them.

2. Roslin's Visions during the Jumps

I found it interesting that the visions were attempting to re-humanize Roslin.  In the past she wasn't as ruthless as she has become, and while I didn't always agree with her decisions (and certainly with how she sometimes arrived at them) I felt that she was a good choice for President given how she was a voice for the common people while The Old Man was completely out of touch with the civilian fleet.

No longer is that the case.  Roslin and the elder Adama are both coming at things from the same place (more or less) and somehow, Adama is the more human of the two.  (This of course is an interesting way to look at things, since a major theme of the series is of course about discussing exactly what it means to "be human" as often, it is the Cylons that portray this the best.)

Roslin decided to save Baltar's life and admitted her love for Adama ("About time," he says, very Han Solo of him), but I feel like she still has more to learn.  I wonder if her visions are quite done.  As idiotic as Baltar sometimes is, I feel like he is doing a good job of spreading the word of the Cylon God, who in the beginning of the series was also very Old Testament, but through Baltar has been increasingly more familiar to many of the monotheists of today, I wouldn't be too surprised if at some point Roslin finds herself a convert despite herself.

3. Caprica 6 is Pregnant?!?!?

Tigh is a Cylon, Caprica 6 is a Cylon.  The two should not be able to procreate.  Of course it is always possible that one of the guards is actually responsible for the baby inside 6, but I doubt that very much.
Way back in the beginning of the show, we were told that the reason that Cylons couldn't procreate was because they couldn't comprehend love, they needed a human to help complete them.

We've seen that often Tigh sees Caprica 6 as Ellen (his deceased wife) who, as odd as their relationship often was, he loved very much.  I'm betting that it is his love for Ellen that has allowed him to impregnate Caprica 6.

4. The Cylons are mortal

This is big, and I can't wait to see the ramifications that it has.  Cylons now can no longer resurrect.  If they die in battle they are dead forever, just like the humans against whom they fight.

This is what will lead to a final and real pact of peace between the Cylons and Humans.

My theory is that ultimately they will work together to find Earth and populate it together long before our time.
Although I was thinking the other day, wouldn't it be something if only Nicky and Hera survive and all of humanity as we know it comes from the two half-Human/half-Cylons.

5. Previews for the mid-season finale

Well, it looks like the cat's out of the bag (metaphorically speaking, not meant to represent the 6th Sense cat of Romo Lampkin) and that in the next episode at least a couple of the Final Five will become known to the fleet.  I can't wait to see what that will mean, although I dread the cliff hanger that will force us to await the last half of the last season of the greatest show on television.

Until Next Time, at least the pilot for Caprica is being filmed, meaning that we will have a little more from the BSG Universe to look forward to.

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