Monday, December 17, 2007

Some TV News

LOST has been moved from it's 9:00 (central) Wednesday time slot to the 8:00 (again, central) Thursday, following Ugly Betty, which is a far better lead in and time slot than it's had.  Of course with the writer's strike, there won't be too much original non-reality/game show programing to feature, and therefore the 8 episodes of LOST that we have will probably do very well.  One of the pluses from the writer's strike.

Now, to some of the negativity.

While we will get 13 episodes of Battlestar Gallactica (the best show on tv, well... ever), there is some worry that if the writer's strike is not brought to a close, then the show will end without the last 7 episodes ever being shot.  Partly because SciFi might decide to end the show having fulfilled contractual elements to the cast and crew with the 13 already completed episodes, and partly because actors will have the right to negate their contracts and seek other work causing the network to have to resign everyone in order to finish the final season.  Hopefully, things will work out to bring us the end of the greatest television show of all time.

Also, in the bad news category, Journeyman did not receive it's order for the back 9 (often a golf term, this time referring to the last nine episodes of this season) meaning the episodes tonight and Wednesday night are the last episodes scheduled to be made, again, well... ever.

This is sad, because Journeyman has been brilliant, and is definitely in contention for Josh's Choice for Best New Show of the Season Award, in fact it is probably tied for the lead with Chuck.

Of course, this time the writer's strike might help out.  The pilot season is looking to be impacted by the strike, meaning there will be a lot less new shows next season even if the strike is resolved meaning that the network might be more willing to renew a show it normally wouldn't, giving an awesome television show another chance that it richly deserves.

Until Next Time, Despite some negativity that might result from the writer's strike, such as never getting the end of BSG, I still stand firmly behind the writers and recognize the importance of the issues that they are fighting for.

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