Friday, October 12, 2007

Pilot Reviews Woman's Murder Club

The Reviews of the new fall pilots on network television continue, but are winding down.  Tonight was the return of Angie Harmon (Law & Order) to television in...


I'm glad that Angie Harmon is back on television.  She's very good, and there is no denying that.  Unfortunately, this show is nothing compared to Law & Order.  It's not at all believable in my opinion.  Women might talk like this amongst themselves, I can't claim to know for sure not being a woman, but it doesn't feel real to me the way that, for instance, Sex and the City did.  I do know that it is extremely unlikely that the detectives would take their main suspect into the morgue to get a look at the victim.  As for Angie Harmon, I still think she's a great actress, but her character's got some flaws.  For a character that supposedly has a problem with how seriously she takes work, she sure spends a lot of time at work with her friends talking about their personal lives.  You'd think that she wouldn't be so keen to talk about personal stuff with a dead body just outside the window if she takes her job as seriously as everyone claims.  The show, like Journeyman is set in San Fransisco, but it doesn't feel like San Fransisco the way that Journeyman does.  The set for the San Fransisco Register is completely boring and as a main character works there, you'd think they'd have put a little more into the set.  (Something that Journeyman definitely did, their San Fransisco Register set is awesome).  They have the establishing shots, but San Fransisco is a very unique city, and it takes a lot of effort to make wherever you are shooting emulate it, it certainly takes more than just some establishing shots, and I don't feel like Woman's Murder Club made that effort.  All in all that's what I feel about the entire show, there just doesn't seem to be that much effort, its as if they just wanted to make a cop show, Sex and the City style, but without the style and believability that Sex and the City had.

Interesting fact: the show is based on a series of novels created by best selling author James Patterson, and he serves as an executive producer.  The creators of the television adaptation were writers on the fx show The Shield, although this show is much lighter fare than that cop show.

Pilot Grade: 57%

Until Next Time, I hate that for the second consecutive week, the TCU Horned Frogs will not be available to me on television, what the hell is up with that?

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