Sunday, November 19, 2006

LOST I Do, first thoughts

I have to admit I am disappointed with the way this episode went and really saddened that I have to wait until Feb with this being the last new episode.

Here is my problem, Dr. Jack took control of the situation far too easily.

Remember Benry Gale and the Others have consistently been at least one step if not more ahead of the crash survivors the entire time, and yet Jack has single handily gained control of the situation?

I'm not buying it.

Why even take Sawyer and Kate if not to use them to make sure Dr. Jack does his best on Benry?

You expect me to believe they didn't foresee this possibility? Wouldn't it have been more prudent to already have Sawyer and Kate at knife or gunpoint in the room to make sure Dr. Jack was on his best behavior?

So, is there anyway to explain this (what I believe is a) inconsistency in the Others? Maybe.

It certainly could be the idea that the Others really are the "good guys" as Benry Gale put it earlier this season. 

If that's the case, then, sure, they're smart, but they aren't really evil, so it becomes a little more understandable that they would be so trusting of Dr. Jack.

Add to it that Benry was pretty desperate to have the surgery, and maybe he might become a little less efficient.

While that all seems a little plausible, it doesn't help that just a couple episodes earlier we saw Benry (needing spinal surgery and all) con Sawyer, which shows some capacity (at least) for evil.

Granted they didn't actually put an exploding pacemaker in either Sawyer or the bunny, but they had him convinced that they did and whatever their motives you can't call that "good".

And what's even worse, they took away Sawyer's hope.

I guess that what I have to figure is that they don't consider themselves evil and definitely aren't planning evil deeds which means, of course, that Ethan must have known way back in season one that Dr. Jack and Kate would be around in time to save Charlie from dying from being hanged.

If that is true, then perhaps they could be as smart as they are but still naive enough to not realize how desperate the survivors are when it comes to their plight.

Possible, I suppose but I still don't know that I buy it. After all, three of the Others have died proving how the survivors act when fearing for their safety. You'd think that the Others would have learned this lesson by now.

Until Next Time, I guess we'll get more of an idea in February when season 3 returns.

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